The best way to explain aperture is to think of it as the pupil of an eye. The wider it gets, the more light it lets in.

Aperture is measured using “F” numbers. The smaller the number the more light is let in to the lens. The more light that is let in, the brighter (or more exposed) the image looks.

Aperture settings are a great tool to used when taking images where you want to focus on a specific subject, for example – portrait photography

Aperture can also be used in low lighting situations


Large aperture = smaller depth of field. Front of image in focus, whilst back of image is fuzzy

Medium/smaller aperture = the whole guitar is  in focus

What depth of field do you think was used in the above image? Shallow or large Depth of field?

Aperture = f/4.4 = wide lens – shallow depth of field – foreground is in focus whilst background is blurry.We used the portraiture setting to bring focus to the subject